About Us


      Tiffs Tops is a family owned business located in Northern Manitoba. We strive to provide women and men with confidence through hair and products that are capable of giving us a little confidence boost when needed. We have four beautiful children and have been married for a little over a year. My husband Brooklyn is an old soul with a heart of gold and our children are stubborn little beings that we love like crazy. Brooklyn and I met in May of 2016 and have been inseparable since. We got married at Cielos Garden in Steinbach (breathe taking, google them you will not regret it) in August of 2019. Our wedding was everything we could have imagined; It was the type of day that most dream about. I splurged and chose to get tape in extensions for my wedding because I wanted my hair to appear long and thick. The extensions were beautiful and really added the extra va va voom I was looking for. Fast forward to three months later and its time for the extensions to come out. I did not go back to get them taken out, stubborn Tiff thought she had it under control and decided to do this one on her own, big mistake. Taking them out was a complete poop show. Separating the glue and pulling the pieces apart created bald spots which created stress which then created even more hair loss-I was completely broken. My hair was my comfort and like everyone knows, losing hair in clumps is devastating. Thankfully, my hair did start growing in but I was left with uneven hair and something as simple as a mom bun was no longer an option for me. So long story short, I started googling wigs, ordering wigs, sampling wigs, teaching myself how to style wigs, pre plucking wigs and steaming wigs. After months of sampling wiggys I finally found wigs that I fell in love with! Once I was satisfied with the wigs I found, I had an incredible itch to provide the same service to those people who were in the same boat as me and lets be honest, wigs are just so much fun! This brings us to today, I am on an incredible journey with some amazing people and on top of that,  I get to stay home with my babies to enjoy as much time with them as I can! Also, when you buy from Tiffs Tops you are also helping with a non profit organization that I donate to at the end of each month with my sales! Every wig purchased is handled by myself personally and sent out with love from the Price Family! :)